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20+ years experience with companies like  building systems that deliver billions of dollars in revenue.

Technical Advice You Can Trust

We've advised visionaries like New York Times Bestselling  author Seth Godin
and leading investor Fritz Lanman (Pinterest, Dwnld, Doppler).

Full Lifecycle Design and Engineering

We can help you design, build and launch your mobile app, website and backend API.

Dream Big But Focus on Delivery

We focus on getting stuff done. Build, iterate, deliver.

Analyze Your Domain

We'll listen to your story and help you figure out what you need to build and why.

Design Your Technology

We'll design the technological architecture for your app and backend API with an eye to scale.

Build Your Mobile App

We'll build your iOS app to be beautiful, engaging and fast, inside and out.

Build Your API

If your app needs to serve up data or a CMS, we'll build it using Ruby on Rails and deploy to the cloud.

Test What We've Built

We'll thoroughly test your app both manually and through automated tests to ensure the highest quality.

Operations and Support

We'll publish your app to the Apple App Store and deploy your API to the cloud and help with ops.


Founder and CTO Joel Shapiro has over 20 years experience in software development.

World Class Skills

Joel is an extremely detail oriented developer with world-class skills in both performance engineering and algorithmic optimization. No task is "below" him.

I would hire Joel again in a heartbeat and no matter where he will work he will be a world-class technical leader.

Stephan Betz - Manager, Automated Advertising,

Would Excel Anywhere

Joel is a fundamentally solid software engineer from start to finish. It would be very tough to find a gap in his design or architecture experience or skill-set.

He was well on his way to becoming one of the most senior software thought leaders at Amazon.

Jason McMahon - Sr. Software Dev Mgr, Amazon Mobile,

Passion for Getting it Right

Joel is a strong senior SDE with a passion for getting software right. He exhibited a real talent for designing and administering large scale systems.

Joel will do what it takes to get the job done without sacrificing code quality, design, or system performance.

Eric Herrmann - Senior Manager, WW Automated Advertising,

Smart, Articulate and Inquisitive

Grab Joel if you can! He is smart, articulate, and inquisitive.

Forget specific technologies, if he doesn't already know it then he will shortly.

DC Kim - Director, Software Development, Health Products Research

Delivers Results

Joel has some of the best technical skills I've seen in a coder and he quickly masters new tools and technologies.

He is an asset to our team because he will take on whatever task needs to get done and deliver results.

Oliver Moffat - Senior Software Development Engineer,

A Fantastic Thought-Leader

Joel is a fantastic thought-leader. He did tremendous work on our transportation solvers and created new capabilities.

Joel has a fantastic mix of technical prowess and inter-personal skills and is a successful team player.

Keith Whalen - Product Development Manager, i2 Technologies

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